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About us

As a multi-faceted web development unit, we fully understand what it takes to have a credible web presence. More so, what sustains it – WEB MANAGEMENT.

Web management is your behind the scenes lead actor that helps keep your personable front-end alive and well on the public stage. Neglect it and things literally start to fall apart. We cannot overemphasize the importance of the administrative backend that supports a vibrant online presence.

At, we are committed to making sure things don’t fall apart where it matters most – your website’s backend. We came about offering this pertinent service as a result of having encountered hordes of websites, really good ones (when they were built) falling into disarray and looking especially dated – to the extent it diminishes the credibility of what they offer. Would you trust a site that seems frozen in time or where links don’t work or takes an appreciably long time to load? Couple that with the fact that competitor sites seem to work fine, and you have a crisis of faith on your hands … and we haven’t even touched on security!

That’s the difference between having a website and having a web presence. A web presence requires that you maintain and manage your website’s backend so that everything works as they should at the frontend keeping your potential customers enthralled and engaged. Ideally, your web development package should include an option for web management from the outset to avoid the pain (and expense) of having to rebuild the whole site from scratch if it’s too broken to mend. Act now and save some.  Time is of the essence. Drop us a line anytime.

*iWG* is equipped to manage your website (in particular WordPress builds) from the get-go or at any stage of your online presence as required. As explained, the longer your website is left unattended, the more likely it will run into issues (some nightmarish), both technical and social due to the pace of innovation on the internet and ever-changing social preferences. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine. This is what we do. Feel free to contact us for a discussion.

Web management is a working collaboration on what needs done to maintain one’s online presence in optimal fashion. Commitment is key.

WE DO it well

Apart from managing websites or portals, we also design and build – which is a plus when it comes to what we can offer as a comprehensive solution. With the benefit of an expansive skillset, we are able to tweak design and content and provide constructive advice if need be without your going to-and-fro between contractors, which in itself is a cost-saver. With us, you get more for less. Period!


We manage WordPress websites as well as static HTML-based ones. Cost varies with type and content. FREE QUOTE.


We design and build WP websites with an optional management package to provide optimal support. Talk to us!


Here’s where it all comes together – your corporate interface to the world. Need an award-winning logo? 〉〉〉

we are flexible

We are extremely flexible. We strive on long term collaborations with our clients; we are proud to have clients that go back 20 years, clients who have been with us through thick and thin and whose websites we still manage! The real deal is one that benefits both sides. We are committed to making things work – 27 years and hundreds of websites later, we are just as motivated!

Logo Design 70%
Corporate Branding 70%
Copywriting 80%
Website Makeover 60%
Web Development 80%
Web Management 90%
We Are Creative and Professional
We Are Diligent and Resourceful
We Are There When Needed!
YEARS OF EXPERIENCE and counting …

we are at your service

We offer a FREE first consultation because it’s genuinely the most sensible way to explore what we can do for you and answer any queries you may have – without any obligations. So do feel free to contact us for more information.
Simply complete this Form and click “SEND”:


    The road to success starts with a first step. Many of our clients took that first step with us when it came to managing their web presence – many of whom are still with us today. We hope to be of help to yours. Do drop us a line and start a conversation 🙂