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1. Are we really online 24/7?

We do get some sleep but otherwise, yes, pretty much so! We live and breathe the internet – our clients are here, there, everywhere on the world wide web. Statistically, 99% of our work is online-enabled, efficaciously done and promptly delivered. We are quite used to working with different time zones!

On the off-chance that your business is just next door, we’ll be glad to meet up and discuss some of our web presence ideas and suggestions for your online endeavors! Short of that, online is where we you’ll find us 🙂

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Our BASIC and STANDARD management packs are plausibly priced lower than the industry standard considering what we offer – and will remain so. Our BASIC pack does offer a range – from $99 to $199 – as we recognize that there is some variance in this segment between websites that are purely static catalog type and those that require some real-time maintenance and management. The idea of outsourcing this to a third-party outfit like us is so you have the best of both worlds – reduce overheads and get more for less! As for PROJECT WORK, we offer FREE QUOTEs based on what you need done with room to expand the scope of work as desirable and or when convenient to do so.

Absolutely. The upside for clients whose websites we do manage is that there is usually less preparatory work and that translates to less man-hours which credit we give back to clients in the form of a 10-30% discount depending on the type and scope of work. Even so, there is no dependency on having to have a subscription to get work done at a reasonable cost. We know we say this often but we are indeed here to help.

2 weeks up depending on content and functionality. We can build a WordPress site with the basic profile and contact pages (3-10 pages) in 10 days if need be; provided content is ready and supplied in time. If you add stuff like ‘live chat’, pop-ups, detailed contact forms, etc. and require custom graphics, some copywriting, SEO work, you would be looking at 30-50 days. Save to say, ball park is no more than 2 months for web development up to medium size sites.

Writing over existing copy. More often than not, we have been asked to rewrite or spruce up content simply to make it in a sense more ‘readable’ or more marketing oriented with the injection of some Advertising Copy. Content should have your target audience in mind, especially for niche sites. So we do a ‘copy-writeover’ of existing content if desired saving both time and money. At times just a few keywords, a couple of meaningful paragraphs and some inspiring phrases may keep visitors interested and help generated those leads!

Certainly. We will need to draw up the exact perimeters of what you need done and where we fit in, and then work out an equitable time-cost for the venture. By PMC (Project Management Consultancy), we refer to the service of overseeing your web project, providing input and direction where necessary and offer advice/suggestions to your project team. Clients do this to buttress the efforts of their in-house team and as a safeguard measure against adopting outdated methods that may not augur well for future development. PMC is a helpful alternative to having to contract out the entire job when you already have in-house personnel who can do parts of it. It’s kind of a win-win.

We’ll be happy to design one for you – fixed cost is $199 for one in 300dpi, print-ready Photoshop PSD or Adobe Illustrator format. Alternatively, you may want to purchase our Corporate Identity ImageSet which includes Logo Design, Slogan (optional) and 3 Layouts ( usually your calling card, corporate letterhead and one other marketing item – e.g. T-Shirt ) plus a couple of freebies! Starts at just $299! – our promotional price valid till 31 December, 2020.

Great question! There are literally tons of websites that have been around for some time now (with more and more flooding the web every day) – most of which may need an upgrade or makeover to stay current – shouting, as it were, for web management! So much so, our focus right now is on web management with web development support. We do integrate standard SEO tweaks in the backend for indexing purposes but will leave ranking SEO work to others who specialize. Same goes with online marketing. There’s lots to do but you need an optimal working site first and foremost – the last thing you want is to have visitors land on a site that’s in disarray or simply outdated.

We have dedicated servers with HOSTGATOR – we have been with them for the last 20 years – and so far so good! That said, nothing’s absolute, it’s how you resolve issues that arise that makes the difference – as long as your host provides good support, there’s no harm sticking with them; it’s only in their interest to be up-to-date and prompt in response. Our web development clients’ sites are all hosted with us for ease of management. We can assist you with host relocation and website backup if required.

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