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Be an *iWG*

Our Affiliates are dedicated individuals who help transfer value to clients who are in need of someone to take care of their backend while providing all round support for their ongoing web presence. We are committed to help our clients maintain a credible web presence – our Affiliates help deliver that message and are rewarded through commissions and bonuses for their part in introducing clients who appreciate what we can do for them. We have happy clients, great Affiliates and exceptional work ethics that go beyond profit – thank you for being part of a forward-looking team!

Where to start?

Simply complete our Affiliate Registration Form on the right and submit your application. You may also write to us telling us how you think you can help and or ask any questions or even offer suggestions on how we can work together. We too are here to help you surpass expectations!

What are the benefits?

Due to our focus on good working relationships with clients, our Affiliates need to have a fairly good understanding of what we have to offer in order to share the same with prospective clients. Just to be clear, while there’s a good chance that someone may contact us through an affiliate link (which you can place anywhere you feel targets our type of clientele), thereby earning you credit for the contact, we are also firm believers of traditional person-to-person introductions which tend to build strong liaisons – which is a good thing, because you can build on that for upsells, cross-sells and new referrals. 

Any which way works fine – our aim is to develop meaningful working relations over time and we recognize the effort our Affiliates put in in helping us achieve it – and for that, we not only offer one-time rewards but also recurrent commissions and bonuses for exemplary introductions. We want our Affiliates to feel at home promoting our products and services so much so that the clients they introduce feel it too 🙂

So send in your application today and let’s kick off this win-win-win relationship!

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